Shibboleth Silver Level Membership

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 I'm ready to invest in myself, get the fabulous body I want, and live life with more joy and guilt-free eating, through the use of powerful food combining methods

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Shibboleth is a food combining and behavioral modification system for easily losing weight, and keeping it off, while still eating your favorite foods


Everything you need for Shibboleth comes from your local grocery store.



Shibboleth Silver Level Access


   You Will Get:

  • Online Food Library with more than 5,000 approved grocery items

  • Online Recipe Library with more than 2,000 fat burning recipes

  • Restaurant Library with more than 1,000 approved menu items

  • Virtual Grocery Store Tour

  • Printable, Digital Books (Program Guide, Recipes, Motivation, Kid's Coloring Book, and more)

  • Exercise Suggestions for the Beginner

  • Challenges & Wall breakers to help you get momentum

  • Earn Badges and T-Shirts as you reach your goals

  • Robust, Private Community of Members Offering Support and Guidance


    • Speed up your metabolism and get in efficient fat burning in only two days

    • Eat your favorite foods just in the correct combinations

    • Reduce or eliminate meds

    • Have more energy to live life to it's fullest

    • Never have to go on a crazy diet again -- No shots, pills, potions, or wraps

    • Receive unrivaled support and care

    • Get rid of self-doubt, and obliterate the many inner roadblocks hindering your success

    • Almost effortlessly become an expert on losing weight using food combining methods-- Classes are held online, in person, or both


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    Who Is Shibboleth For?

    You Want To Live  Longer For Loved Ones

    You Want A Faith Based Weight Loss Community

    You Want To Lose Weight The Easy Way

    Shibboleth Is For You If You Want To...

    • Have a diet and lifestyle that works with you, not against you 

    • Buy everything you need to lose weight from your local grocery store - no pills, potions, or gimmicks! 

    • Gain Self Confidence and Clarity  

    • Transform your life, and those around you by making a positive change and leveling up

    • Call upon your faith in God and embody his strength along your weight loss journey

    • Follow a proven system and have the certainty that you are on the right track

    What Members Say about Shibboleth

    I have finally achieved my goal weight of 165 lbs. Dropped 86 lbs. PTL! I went from a 46 waist to a 34, and from a 3xl shirt to a xl shirt. I have lost a total of 54 inches. Shibboleth has made a tremendous difference in mine and my wife's lives. Also, I am off of my BP meds, and cholesterol meds. My wife is off hers as well.


    I am down 51 lbs sine July 3rd. I am so happy! Shibboleth works! I truly am thankful for this program and the wonderful team that’s here to help us. I can walk so much better it’s like I have been given a new life! I still have a ways to go but I am so happy to be here! I praise God!​



    Shibboleth is amazing. I do not feel like I am on a diet and the inches are melting! My health is better, my diabetes is much better controlled, my body doesn't ache and I don't need BP or cholesterol/triglyceride medications. I feel better than I have felt in years and I am on my way to my goal of being fabulous at 50!​



    What Is Becoming A Shibboleth Member Actually Worth?

    • Imagine finally being able to browse through almost any store and find the clothes that you love with your size in stock.


      Imagine being able to smile when you look at yourself in the mirror, loving yourself more, and spreading that love to all those around you. 

    • Image being able to become less dependent on your medications, and reclaim control over your health, how much money would you save if you could eliminate medications all togeather?

    • Image how many more years you could add to your life by taking better care of yourself, and all the amazing experiences you could have in that time.

    • Imaging having more vibrancy and energy to live your life, play with your kids or grandkids, and achieve all that you want to achieve, without your weight slowing you down.  

    • Imagine kicking food cravings to the curb, ditching dieting forever, and eating guilt free even on holidays, birthdays, and special events.   

    • Imagine being connected to a loving group of cheerleaders and supporters, who are there to carry you through the tough times, and celebrate all the many good times to come. Who are like minded, and together will take your weight loss and spirituality to the next level

    • Imagine having a deeply loving and special connection to a higher power, a never ending faith in the Lord and in your own sense of self, and a special place inside that you can always access that is full of happiness, gratitude, peace, and tranquility.

    • The real value of a Shibboleth membership is in the world of opportunities that open up to you when you gain self confidence, develop your self discipline, and become a model of success for those that you love. This is easily done by following a step by step system that will get you results.

    • The stress-free success at your finger tips is only limited by the power of your imagination.

    • Weight Loss is one of the most, or the most powerful self improvement tools that you can and must add to your life if you are really planning to live it at its best.

    Is Shibboleth Right for You?


    • It is for people who have tried diets and failed, or have given up on dieting before.

    • It is for people who want to take control of their health, and eliminate or reduce the amount of medications they are already taking

    • This program is for you if you want to get healthy but still want to be able to eat your favorite foods, celebrate holidays guilt-free, and feel better about yourself. 

    • It is for those who want to improve and seek positive change. It is for those wanting to reconnect to a deep faith within themselves.


    • This is not for you, if you think you can just do it all on your own, and you don't need any customized feedback, help or support. 

    • It is not for people who are unwilling to put in the time for practicing and learning how to combine foods for powerful weight loss.

    • This program is not for people who are looking for a magic powder, pill or potion for weight loss

    • It is not for those who will be disturbed by an enthusiastic expression of gratitude to the Lord, and Jesus Christ.



    I have a special diet already, will this still work? 

    Why is membership so cheap? Is this too good to be true?

    Is learning how to combine foods in the right way really complicated?

    When can I expect to start seeing results?

    I've tried and failed with other diets before, will this one really work?

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    If for what ever reason you are not satisfied or  you choose not to continue forward with us...

    ...just send us and email and we will issue you a full refund.

    No questions asked 

    "I look forward to working with you, walking with you every step of the way and helping you consistently lose weight so that you can live the life of your dreams."

    ~Travis Martin  

    CEO and Founder of Shibboleth

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